From the first edition of Sincronía, diacronía e historia: el problema del cambio lingüístico (Montevideo, 1958) Eugenio Coseriu has appeared as an unquestionable worldwide expert in the field of the historic linguistic. It is impossible to omit Coseriu in other filed of linguistic, but in the history of language and the filed related to it, his work was a specific and important landmark from the years 50es of the last century. But, at the same time, there are some unpublished papers of Coseriu in this field and it permits us to wait for some new achievements and conquests of such an important linguist in variety of languages. This papers could bring us new focuses and even new conceptions. The reflection about the Coseriu’s work always was extremely beneficial for all of us, who have approached his papers and ideas.
The members of the Organization Committee of the VII Conference about the Coseriu’s linguistic in Cadiz are sure that the harvest of this work will be extraordinary.


Topic: Language history, dialectology and linguistic change from the functional perspective.